Who is Lexi Sylver?

I’m an award-winning erotic storyteller, lifestyle coach and educator, and bold entrepreneur. My mission is to help you strip away shame and fear so that you can feel free to pursue the fulfilling sex life and relationships you desire — and deserve. 

As a sex, relationship, and open lifestyle coach, my no-bullshit attitude empowers you to identify and break down barriers preventing you from thriving throughout your erotic journey. My educational Swinging 101 webinar series covers essential tips on ethical non-monogamy and the swinger lifestyle for newbies and experienced open lifestylers alike.


Who IS Lexi Sylver?

Discover the naughty imagination behind my erotic stories, the shameless approach to my sexual edutainment, and all I do as part of my mission to help you shamelessly explore YOUR Lexuality.

I’ve been interviewed by Shape, The Sexual Health Alliance, AVN, and Naked News, among other publications and websites. I was also featured on multiple episodes of Dr. Laurie Betito’s Passion on CJAD 800 and on various podcasts, such as Loving Without Boundaries

Drawing from my real-life experiences and salacious imagination, I’ve authored erotic works like Secrets, Lies, and Dirty Games, Mating Season: Erotic Short Stories and All the Queen’s Men. Join me as I read excerpts of my erotica during Cocktails and Erotic Tales, my signature live storytelling series.

I share my sex positivity and passionate advocacy for sexual freedom by presenting at events like The Taboo Sex Show, contributing articles to Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center, ASN Lifestyle Magazine, SDC.com, Promescent, my personal blog, and other resources. I'm also a Supporting Member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF).

Whether you’re indulging in my erotic short stories or transforming your sex life and relationship(s) with my coaching and webinars, I’ll provoke you to unveil your deepest desires and fantasies and discover how to make them a reality.

Dare to explore YOUR Lexuality.

Live the Life You Desire.

My shameless, no-bullshit approach to coaching will help you uncover what you TRULY want out of your relationships and sex life, and guide you to start exploring your Lexuality.

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