Coaching with Lexi Sylver

Let's shamelessly break down barriers and pave your way to hotter sex and deeper relationships.


Sex, relationship & lifestyle coaching awaits you.

What does it mean to "explore your lexuality"?

It's my erotic version of self-actualization: attaining the highest level of being by living authentically.

It’s about carving your own path of self-discovery and shamelessly pursuing what (and whom) you desire. It means striving for fulfillment not just from your sex life, your relationships, and/or the open lifestyle, but in everything in life. Because this fulfillment runs deeper than fleeting orgasmic pleasure — it derives from never settling for less than you desire and deserve. 

Your Lexual path of exploration starts with discovering what's holding you back from the freedom of enjoying deeper, more satisfying and connected relationships with ourselves and with others.


Ready to discover your full potential? Let's talk!

How do you know you're ready to explore your Lexuality?

When you have a burning desire to try something new. 

When you want to confidently express your feelings, needs, fantasies, and boundaries to your partner(s).

When you want to rediscover the spark and deepen the connections and intimacy in your relationship(s).

When you want to break the unhealthy cycles and patterns in your relationship(s).

When you want to discover more satisfaction and the endless possibilities in life, love, and sex.

When you're ready to let go of all the bullshit, shame, and judgment that has tethered you to living a life that others and society have modeled and prescribed for you.

When you're ready to fearlessly embrace all the parts of you that make you who you are.

When you want to feel free to just BE who you are and live your life the way you’ve always dreamed.

When you feel any or all of these things, it's time to explore your Lexuality.

And when you are, let’s talk. It’s my pleasure to be your Lexual guide into this exciting new chapter of your life.




What It's Like to work with Me

Lexi, talking to you is like having a badass older cousin who cares and isn't afraid to tell you what you NEED to hear, even if the truth is tough. Your perspective and understanding helped us achieve the open relationship and sex life we've always wanted!

J.Y. & L.Y.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Your advice helped us overcome major changes in our sex drives and increased the level of intimacy between us. I don't think anyone else could have given us the expert tips and perspective you did. We'll be your coaching clients for life! Thanks, Lexi!

K.V. & M.F.
Los Angeles, California, USA

my coaching sessions are:

100% private

Your secrets are safe with me.

100% virtual

Your choice of video or audio-only.

English or French

That's right - I'm fully bilingual.

Client Testimonials

Lexi you are fantastic. Clara and I enjoyed immensely the coaching session with you. You are very knowledgeable and experienced. It is a joy to speak so openly and get an answer based on experience and from your heart. We could have spent hours talking with you covering so many topics of importance in the lifestyle but time was limited to one hour. Any couple or person reading this should feel confident Lexi is a pro and a wonderful person. My wife has learned so much from you that she feels very confident how to talk to a unicorn and enjoy meeting more partners in the lifestyle.

Jay and Clara
Dallas, Texas, USA

Before we met Lexi, my boyfriend and I were in a major sex rut and had trouble telling each other what we wanted. I felt like I couldn't tell him about my fantasies and how I wanted to have sex with other people - and watch him have sex with others, too. Lexi really listened to us, taught us the communication skills we needed to express ourselves, and helped us figure out for ourselves what kind of relationship we both wanted. Now, over a year since we started coaching with Lexi, we're both loving the open relationship we've created for ourselves. I don't know what we'd do without her!

Jacquelynn & Mark
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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