Shipping & Returns FAQ

Shipping & Handling

All of my packages ship discreetly. Your dirty little secrets are safe with me.

The outside or return labels on the box or package will not mention Lexi Sylver, erotica or sex toys on the box. 

Shipping & Handling FAQ

Can you ship to me?

Currently, I can ship to you if you live in the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada. 

How long will it take for me to receive my package?

I promise to expedite your dirty goodies to you as quickly as humanly possible!

Please allow for 3-12 business days from your order date for your package of goodies to arrive. Once your package has been shipped out, you will receive tracking information for your order, where you can view the estimated shipping dates.

For pre-sale orders, such as my books, your order will be processed once the book is published and available for sale. Orders will be processed in the priority order they are received, starting with presale orders.

Please note that in some cases, book orders may take up to 21 days to receive, due to possible delays in the printing and book manufacturing process. 

For rush orders and faster shipping options, please contact me.

Can I ship to a different address than my billing address?

Sure. Just enter the info at checkout. If you need to make a change after your transaction has gone through, just contact me.

What are your shipping rates?

Standard shipping to Canada and the United States is a flat rate of $10.99.

Sorry, I'm not currently shipping outside of Canada and the US.

Please note that for some Canadian orders, there may be import duties that apply if your package is being shipped from the USA. I do my very best to ensure you don't need to pay duties on your order; however, in the case that there are duties to pay, you will be responsible for paying those to the delivery service prior to receiving your order (as per their instructions). Even in the case of a return or exchange, these duties will be reimbursed.

If you have a rush order or request expedited shipping, please contact me.

Can I get free shipping?

I sometimes offer free shipping deals!

Subscribe to my newsletter to be privy to hot discounts on toys, lingerie and stories, plus offers for free shipping.

Also, on special occasions, my returning customers will sometimes receive email offers, like free shipping on their next order.

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Sure I do. Anonymity is sexy.

I have special shipping instructions. How can I let you know?

In the message box in the shopping cart, you can write me a special message with your unique shipping instructions (e.g. leave at door). Or, right after your order is processed (you'll get an email from me saying thanks for your order), then email me to request a specific shipping instructions.

And no, I'm not taking requests for sexy personal deliveries. Nice try, though...

Are shipping fees refundable if I return or exchange my purchase?

Shipping fees are non-refundable, unless you're returning a defective item or if there was an error with your order. See my returns & exchanges policy below.

Why did I not receive my entire order?

Sometimes, part of your order will be shipped while the rest is on its way. You'll receive separate emails to let you know when certain items in your order have been fulfilled so you can track each part of your order. If a product is unavailable, I will contact you to see if you would prefer to replace the item with something else or a partial refund for the unavailable item(s). 

Promo Code FAQ

How do I use a promo code?

Just add the code in the designated "Discount" box at checkout and click Apply.

I'm having trouble using a promo code. What do I do?

Did your promo code expire? If the date is still good but you're still having issues, don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Just contact me and I'll help you figure it out.

Returns and Exchanges

The following items cannot be returned or exchanged:

- lubricants, gels, creams
- toy cleaners
- single-use items
- any lingerie with a panty / underwear bottom
- hosiery

If you want to know if your item qualifies for a return, exchange or refund, contact me.

I received the wrong item / color / size in my order. What do I do?

Oops! Sorry about that. Humans aren't perfect, much as we try.

Please contact me and I'll make it right by shipping you the correct product ASAP, as well as shipping instructions for you to send the original item back to me (if applicable). I will also reimburse any and all of your shipping costs.

One of the toys I ordered doesn't work. Can I get a replacement?

First things first: When you first get your toy, please make sure it has the right batteries inside (if needed), or make sure it is fully charged, using the cable provided, for several hours.

If it's still not working after you try to charge it, contact me within 30 calendar days of receiving your toy, and I'll send you a special return authorization number which you MUST have written on your package when you send it back to me. I can't accept a return without the proper RA number on it.

The vast majority of products on also offer a manufacturer's warranty (which you can find inside the box / packaging).

Once I properly receive and inspect your item and see it's not working, I'll replace it for you with a new one, or substitute it with another item of equal value. If you prefer, I can also send you a store credit for your next purchase, or I'll refund you for that item, depending on the circumstances.

The packaging / look / color of one of the items in my order doesn't look exactly like it does on your website. 

That can happen! Manufacturers sometimes modify their logos, designs, colors, packaging, or materials, and don't always notify their retailers. We do our best to use the most recent product photos and descriptions on our website, but there may be small differences between what you see in the product photos and what you receive. Also, colors displayed on your device's screen are approximate and are not always able to 100% match the hues in real life.

FOR BOOKS: there is a standard manufacturer's / printer's margin of error for paperback or hardcover books. The details about book printing below are from the book printer I use for my books.

Jet-outs or Ink Voids

Due to the nature of inkjet printers, interior files may print with thin white lines/voids (1/600 of an inch in width) through images and/or graphics.

These voids should not exceed one or more of the following criteria: voids consisting of two adjacent lines that result in a void of 1/300 of an inch or greater or more than three white lines/voids per page.

Barcode Printed on the Last Page 

A barcode, inserted on the last page of the book facing the inside back cover, is used as part of our manufacturing process to match up the interior book block with the cover on the print floor. Also, we are required as a manufacturer to show where the book was produced. The bar code provides information for that book throughout the manufacturing process. This barcode also assists us during an investigation if there are any manufacturing issues with the finished product.

Paper Waviness

Books manufactured by Lightning Source/IngramSpark are printed in a climate-controlled environment to minimize any type of moisture-based damage. However, when the units leave the print facility they are exposed to different climate conditions, as well as different levels of pressure. Mild waves of the pages may occur under these circumstances and are an unavoidable issue. 

Spine Creases

Fold creases along the spine edge of the front and back cover of a book are a common occurrence due to our binding processes. Fold creases can be more noticeable with matte laminated covers. Cover designs with heavy ink coverage are more prone to lamination adhesion problems in the crease area of the binding.

Matte Laminate Adherence Problem

Laminate popping, where the matte lamination does not adhere to the cover in some places, usually happens on dark covers (dark blues, dark reds, black) and is sometimes caused by the cover file being set above 240 TAC (Total Area Coverage = density). To avoid this problem, the CMYK's total value should not exceed 240%.

Gutter Marks

Printer marks along the gutter side of the interior pages are used for calibration and help to keep ink levels consistent. These marks must be positioned just outside of the gutter edge and cannot be moved to an area that is trimmed off. The spines are milled prior to binding to minimize the visibility of the marks. They aren’t very visible, but printed books with slightly visible printer marks, within the gutter, may be considered within our production variance. 

Minor Defects

Minor manufacturing defects can occur from time to time. Below is a list including, but not limited to, defects that when minor, are not considered to make a product unsellable (and are thus exempt from returns and exchanges on 

  • Cover scratches
  • Smudges in the lamination (Usually this is the glue that can be wiped off with a damp cloth)
  • Dents in the cover
  • Inkspots
  • Folded pages
  • Lamination creases or scored hinges
  • Gutter read marks

Will you refund me for my shipping fees if a product is defective?

Yes. Please contact me within 30 calendar days of receiving your product. No need to initiate a refund with your credit card company / bank, as this will only delay your refund.

If your product is defective, I'll pay for you to ship it back to me (if applicable), and I'll pay for shipping a new one or a replacement of equivalent value. I can also credit you or refund you, if you prefer. 

Keep in mind that weather may play a role for shipments that include temperature-sensitive contents, such as melty items like candles or water-based lubricant. We can't be held responsible if your order includes a candle and it arrives in a melted condition, or if your lubricant is frozen after the package was left at the door, so please keep that in mind when placing your order.

What if I'm not completely satisfied with my order?

I want you to be fully pleased with anything you purchase from me. 

If you're not, please contact me 
and I'll see what I can do to make it right.