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It's Time For Mating Season!


Praise for Mating Season

Lexi has always helped us explore our Lexuality, but she takes it to the next level with her Erotic Short Stories in Mating Season. From fantasies to real life stories, you can't put your book down. Juicy, detailed, and literally no mention of the word MOIST, not even once, Lexi keeps you on your toes and makes you feel involved in the scene.

Haley (review via Amazon)

Something for everyone! I loved the variety of kinks and scenarios explored in this collection! Fun and easy to read - definitely got me all hot and bothered!

Emma Paquette (review via Amazon)

Being a polyamorous, sex-positive woman who has embraced her own sexuality later in life, it is incredibly inspiring having a kindred spirit like Lexi out in the world being unapologetically her sexy self. Lexi is a breath of fresh air in a sadly sexually repressed world. I trust this piece of erotica will help blow the doors off of that!

Kitty Chambliss, author of Jealousy Survival Guide and founder of Loving Without Boundaries

 Her elegantly salacious prose sparks new life into our raw emotions lying just beneath the surface. Without those sparks, life becomes nothing more than a treadmill between cradle and grave. Indulge yourself with “Mating Season.” [...] “Fifty Shades” move over! You’ve got company!”

Beryl Wajsman, author of the upcoming "In Dreams"

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