Lexi Sylver's Relationship Coaching: As Seen in ASN Lifestyle Magazine

"Thank you so much, Lexi! Your perspective and understanding helped us achieve the relationship and sex life we've always wanted!"

- J.Y., Lexi Sylver's coaching client

Relationship Coaching with Lexi Sylver

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Relationships can be challenging, no matter what kind of relationship style you're in.

I've spoken to hundreds of couples and individuals at different points along their journey in monogamous and open relationships.

In my coaching sessions, I work with you to understand your unique intimate connection and challenges.

While some of my coaching clients prefer doing sessions together with me, I am also happy to work one-on-one with you and/or your partner.

*Coaching sessions available in English and French.*

I customize our coaching sessions to help guide you to:

- strengthen your communication skills
- increase your self-confidence in various areas
- resolve specific issues within your relationship (including differences in desire and libido)
- handle jealousy and other feelings
- open up your monogamous relationship
- spice up your relationship and explore new things
- navigate new experiences in the open and swinging lifestyle
- reconnect after a negative experience
- and much more.

"Your advice helped us overcome major changes in our sex drives and how to increase our intimacy. I don't think anyone else could have given us the type of insight and quality coaching you did. We'll be your coaching clients for life! Thanks, Lexi!"

- K. V., Lexi Sylver's coaching client

About Lexi Sylver 

Lexi Sylver

Lexi Sylver is the Montreal-based erotica author of Mating Season and All the Queen’s Men. She enjoys sharing stories and experiences from her kinky and unconventional lifestyle.

As an entrepreneur, podcaster, coach, advocate, educator and public speaker for open relationships and the swinging lifestyle, Lexi runs a successful coaching practice and regularly contributes articles about sex and relationships to ASN Lifestyle Magazine, SDC.com and her personal blog, among others. She also speaks publicly at events like The Montreal Taboo Sex Show (Le Salon de l’Amour et de la Séduction).

In her work as the Media Director for SDC.com, the world’s largest adult sex education and swingers dating platform, Lexi collaborates with sex, health and relationship experts worldwide to provide reliable resources for those who seek it.

Lexi frequently produces and hosts webinars and online events such as Cocktails and Erotic Tales, which feature erotic storytelling, fun games like naughty Mad Libs, and more exclusive entertainment.

She wrote and creatively produced many movies, series and scenes in the adult entertainment industry and was nominated in 2017 for an AVN award for Best Screenplay. 

As a sex toy connaisseuse, Lexi features a variety of her favorite adult novelties and accessories in her online shop, including kinky kits and pleasure objects.

Her mission is to promote empowerment and education by guiding you to shamelessly explore your Lexuality.