Discussing sexuality can be a difficult subject for many couples or individuals. 

Whether you’re going through issues in your relationship or want to explore your sexuality as an individual, sex and relationship coaching is a tool that enhances personal, sexual and emotional growth and connection. 

Sex and relationship coaching is meant to provide a safe space where you can be heard and guided so that you may improve your sexual life. 

Further than addressing issues, sex and relationship coaching can help you learn to express yourself so that you can grow as an individual and learn how to communicate your needs and desires, whether you are in a relationship or not.

The sessions are offered in a virtual setting via video call and will be customized to help you and your partner(s) communicate effectively so that you may fulfill your sexual needs and desires through bold, open-minded coaching with my trademark “no bullshit” approach. 

Relationship and sex coaching can provide you with:

  • Counsel to help you boost your confidence
  • Skills to improve your sex life
  • Tools to strengthen your ability to communicate your needs and desires
  • Counseling to help you resolve specific relationship issues, such as differences in desire and libido
  • Insight to help you handle feelings of shame, jealousy and resentment
  • Guidance to help you identify and break repetitive cycles of disagreements and arguments
  • Ways to help you spice up and rediscover the spark in your relationship
  • Tips and advice as you gravitate from monogamy to an open relationship
  • Tools to help you navigate and explore the open and swinging relationship lifestyle
  • Direction so that you may renegotiate boundaries in your relationship
  • Counseling to reconnect with your partner after a negative experience or conflict

Everyone is different, and so is each relationship! 

To learn more about how I could help you, book a free 15 minute consultation.

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