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Lexy Sylver: Welcome to my Playground

The Art of Eating Pussy: Part 1

Article by Pierce

Okay, guys and gals, I’m about to tell you the CORRECT way to perform cunnilingus on your woman. Wait… allow me to rephrase. I’m going to teach you the CORRECT way to eat her pussy. If you treat oral sex like the art that it is, then you will be more likely to succeed in providing the utmost pleasure for your lover.

The Art of Eating Pussy: Part 1 of the Sex Advice Series via Lexi Sylver

Why You Should Become The Master of Her Domain

I have a quick story for you guys to show you why all men NEED to know how to eat a girl’s pussy properly.

I was in college and making out with this sexy blonde, and when as I slipped my hand inside the front of her panties she told me, “I’m sorry but I only have sex with guys that I am in a relationship with.” So I replied, “Okay, no problem. You know, we don’t have to have sex. We can do other stuff if you want.” So, she agreed to let me go down on her. I started slow; peeled her jeans off, slipped her panties down nice and slow over her slender legs. I didn’t want to be too aggressive for fear that she was going to say, “I’m sorry I can’t continue.” To make a long story short, within a few minutes I was massaging her clit softly with my tongue, slipping a finger inside of her and sucking gently on her pussy lips. I worked her up good until I was eating her pussy hungrily as though I was filming a porn production.

Well, less than ten minutes after that, she was on top of me, wildly riding my dick, seemingly trying to break my cock off. She was screaming and even told me, scratch that, ordered me to put a finger up her ass. And who am I to turn down such a demand? The moral of this story is that knowing how to eat pussy will ultimately GET you pussy. Plus, girls do tend to talk a lot about their sexual experiences (and comparing you to other guys). So your skills in this domain, which are rare to come across (or so I'm told), will also get other ladies curious and willing to sample your goods.

Giving women oral sex has always been my thing. And do we not strive to be the best at the things we love? I have been building up my tongue as a muscle for years now and, after much practice, I’m able to flick it back and forth, up and down, at lightning speed and with relentless stamina. I’ve had so much practice at performing oral sex on her, not to mention with other women as well, that I know what technique is going to make her body do what. I can predict her jittery movements and her yelps of pleasure before they even happen because I know what my tongue is going to do to her. I can prolong her pleasure for forty-five minutes or make her cum in fewer than five. Knowing your lover is half the battle.

My woman likes to say that it feels like there’s a hummingbird between her legs when I eat her pussy. And I truly believe that every woman deserves a hummingbird. Practice until you can declare you're The Clit Commander, like Jay in Jay & Silent Bob:

Why should you take pussy-eating tips from me?

I’m sure some of you are reading this and saying to yourselves… “Who the hell does this dude think he is? Some kind of egotistical, oral sex god?” Nope. Honestly, I’m just a guy who knows how to eat pussy. Every girl I have ever gone down on has told me that she has never had her pussy eaten like that before. Not only does it feel great to know that you could make any woman explode with your mouth, to make her scream, to make her cum like a water balloon just ruptured in your mouth, but it may also come in handy for those of you who like to fuck a lot of women.

Personally, I prefer being with one woman at a time and developing a sexual legend with her. But, that wasn't always the case. Before I met my fiancée, when I was in college, my mind was set on SEX. Oh yeah, and guys, if you are away at college or will be going soon, then you should try to fuck as much as possible; but be smart about it (wrap up your johnson) when you sow your wild oats. Why? Let's put it this way. I’m getting married soon. I’m not scared and I’m as ready to settle down with someone as I’ll ever be. But how could any man be ready for monogamy, you ask? Because I had so much sex in college that has helped pave the way for the incredibly fulfilling sexual relationship I have now, I don’t feel like I’m ever missing out.

Watch, Learn & Practice

Gentlemen, we'll never really know what it's like to have a clit and to have it licked. This is why lesbians are most likely better pussy-lickers than we could ever hope to be. They know the spots to hit to make her partner writhe around on the bed like a victim in a classic case of demonic possession. Just like I’m sure a homosexual male can play the skin flute better than most women, though since it's not to my taste I’ll never be the one to personally research whether that's true or not. So it's important to learn how to read a woman.

If a woman is sexually confident, (Ladies, that’s the best way to be!) then she knows, when, how, and where exactly she wants it. I love watching a woman masturbate; this gives me a better idea of what kinds of strokes she enjoys. But nothing is better than going down on a woman for the first time and observing how she reacts to each little move I make, which then helps me understand what she likes and how, so I can replicate the orgasmic results next time. I know it's cliched to say "Practice makes perfect", but it really does, especially when it comes to figuring out how to evoke a woman's climax. Learning how her body responds and deciphering her moaning patterns will help you become a pro.

If your goal is to become the Sultan of Slit, then for your first task I would suggest going down on her AT LEAST once a day. In a week's time, you’ll make progress. After a month or less, she’ll be telling her friends how much better you are at licking her twat. In a year, well, it’s lights out ladies, because she may black out from the earthquake you’ve worked so hard to bring to her loins.

Sexy Naked Woman Lying On Bed in Lingerie - The Art of Eating Pussy - Sex Advice by Lexi Sylver

Be Conscious of Her Self-Consciousness

This is important, my fellow labia-lappers, so listen well.

We all know that when a woman gets naked with us, she's often thinking of what we see, smell, feel, hear and think. DO tell her she's gorgeous, and make her feel like a goddess. Her initial self-confidence will make her feel more comfortable and unrestrained with you. Which means, better sex and a better overall sexual experience for both of you. If you’re going downtown for lunch and she smells a little... hmmm how can I say this? “un-fresh” down there. As it is, lots of women are self-conscious about everything from what they look like naked (the answer is: gorgeous) to what they smell and taste like. If you tell her outright that she smells un-fresh, she may be overly conscious about it the next time you go down. And it is extremely difficult to please a woman when she's more focused on her own insecurities than what your tongue is doing to her.

If possible, try switching locations to a shower or bath, suggest using a warm wet towel to give her a light cleanse (make sure she does this to you as well), employ the use of a scented/flavored oil or lubricant, like Toko Aroma flavored edible lubricant by Shunga, and use your fingers to help stimulate her when you come up for air. It's a sensitive topic, and I may not have all the answers here - but if you decide to approach her about her scent, try to be very delicate about it.

And if she smells fantastic and tastes like ripe strawberries on a warm summer's day, then DEFINITELY tell her so. Repeatedly.

So, those were some reasons why you should become a pro at eating pussy.

In Part 2 of The Art of Eating Pussy, I'll share some especially sexy techniques to tongue her better.

Thanks for coming & see you soon.


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