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Top 10 Secrets The NSA Knows About You

Top 10 Secrets the NSA Knows About You by Lexi Sylver

10. The supposedly deleted Facebook photos of you drunk and partying during a live taping of Girls Gone Wild.

9. The German schizer video you replayed a dozen times last night.

8. The pyramid scheme you set up online under the guise of a home cleaning business.

7. A detailed purchase history of obscure BDSM equipment for your basement dungeon.

6. Tawdry emails, MSN conversations and wire transfers exchanged between you and a married political official during your affair.

5. The contents of all the personal files you uploaded to an online Cloud for security.

4. The generous, unreported "donations" you've made to offshore "non-profit organizations".

3. The true identity of the Anal Avenger screen name and avatar you use in anonymous fetish/fantasy gaming sites and chat rooms.

2. Your now-deactivated MySpace page, with proof of you repeatedly using the N-word, though you've publicly sworn you've only said it once in your life.

1. The conspiracy theory website you created in college, detailing your suspicions that government agencies are spying on everyone.

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