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Top 10 Instances Not To Kiss And Tell

It's Friday, and that means it's time for another one of my Top 10 lists, just in time to start off the indulgent weekend you should be planning!

There are some things we do that should probably be kept to yourself... or shared with others at your own risk. Hence this week's Top 10 Instances Not To Kiss And Tell.

Lexi Sylver's Top 10 Instances NOT to Kiss and Tell

10) If what you did has a name like Dirty Sanchez, Donkey Punch, Bucking Bronco, Cleveland Steamer, Chili Dog & etc.

9) If the experience involved one or both of you winding up in the Emergency Room.

8) When you have sex with your landlord/landlady to pay the rent. And they had to remove their dentures beforehand.

7) If you had sex with the bride/groom right before they stand at the altar.

6) If you had sex with your friend's Mom or Dad. Not even if they're classifiable as MILFs or DILFs. Or, just don't tell your friend.

5) When the girl-next-door turns out to be viciously aggressive during sex and gets off by punching you in the face repeatedly.

4) When, in need of a booty call, you drunk-dial the odious ex you swore off and promised never to communicate with again.

3) If you do the nasty with your friend's kid sister. Unless you're going to marry her. After the wedding, you can say, "I'm going to go fuck your sister." But only once.

2) If it included a farm animal.

1) If the person you had sex with wasn't, for all intents and purposes, alive.

What other sticky situations would you prefer to keep to yourself? Tell me on Facebook, Twitter or contact me!

Have a Lexi weekend,

Lexi xxx

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