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Lexy Sylver: Welcome to my Playground

Erotic Short Story: Best Laid Plans

Vicki carefully parted the blinds and inconspicuously eyed the view of a typical Monday morning hustle at the advertising firm. Her morning work was interrupted by what she could swear was Derek's voice, followed by Annie's shy giggle. Vicki peered through the slats and saw Derek standing in front of her receptionist's desk. She admired the sleek cut of his suit and his confident stance, leaning on Annie's desk as she picked up the phone to call Vicki.

"Derek Walker is here to see you," the voice on the other end said.

"Send him in," Vicki replied, her face still pressed to the glass, smoothing out her suit and her shoulder-length auburn hair. She buttoned and unbuttoned her blazer, unsure if she wanted to appear professional or slightly disheveled. Then Derek looked right toward Vicki's office window, and a slow smile spread on his face. She moved away as quickly as she could, and mentally slapped herself. Had he just caught her looking at him?

The door to her office opened, and Vicki whirled around.

"Derek!" she exclaimed, sounding out of breath and slightly too eager to see him. He smiled but raised an eyebrow in amusement. He wondered if he knew how disarming his presence was, not just for her, but for every woman within a ten-mile radius of him. Vicki wasn't one for having a crush, but Derek's boyish good looks and unrivaled charm made her feel like she was in high school all over again, which was the antithesis to maintaining her cool professionalism.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything," he said querulously, closing her office door behind him and glancing over to her desk, which was mostly clean except for a few neat stacks of reports.

"Not at all," she replied nonchalantly, unable to stop herself from imagining Derek grabbing her and pushing her up against the wall. She concealed her grin and sat down behind her desk, gesturing for him to sit down.

Derek slid into the comfortable swivel chair, leaning forward towards her. Vicki met his blue eyes, trying not to stare at his full lips, which she knew to feel as silky as they seemed.

"If I tell you a secret, will you promise not to tell anyone?" Derek asked in a hushed voice. Vicki crossed her legs, pressing them together under her desk, refraining from conjuring up all sorts of saucy responses.

"Sure," Vicki replied. She was profoundly curious, because Derek was her rival at their advertising firm. They were both overly ambitious, devoted workaholics, and always right. In the last two years they'd been working together, they'd probably only agreed to a handful of things. What kind of secret would he confide in her?

"ECR Globe and AV Energy are merging. They're announcing it tomorrow."

"What!" Vicki exclaimed.

Derek nodded. "I said the same thing. Apparently, they're shopping around for a new firm to take on a fresh campaign."

Vicki's mind raced with a thousand thoughts at once, but then it occurred to her. "You don't mean..."

Derek nodded. "That's right. You and me, working one of the biggest contracts in the firm's history. It would be a huge coup."

"Wait a minute, don't get too excited here," Vicki said, rising from her seat and leaning over her desk. Derek did the same, as though trying to impart his excited energy onto her to get her to agree to the joint project. She felt as though the temperature had risen since he'd walked into her office, but maybe it was simply her elation that Derek's insider information could give them both a chance to prove their worth to their firm, maybe make partner, and definitely take home a huge paycheck.

Derek was by far one of the most stubborn men she'd ever met, but he was also just as motivated as her to succeed. He was disarmingly sexy, though, and Vicki had promised herself she would never put herself in the way of temptation within the confines of the office. She realized there was no other way, since there was too much work and research to be done for such a project. They'd have to do it together.

"All right," Vicki conceded with a sigh, and Derek gave her a huge grin. She felt warm suddenly and backed up, not wanting to breathe his scent or even to feel the slightest bit of heat coming from his body. How was she going to trust herself around him?

"Here's the game plan," she said, coming around to the other side of her desk. She leaned against her desk right next to where Derek was doing the same, jolting back when their fingertips accidentally brushed together. "We take an early day today, and meet at my house at 4. We'll go over strategy and draw up some ideas."

"Maybe order some takeout," Derek added, rubbing his flat belly.

Vicki couldn't help but smile. "Sounds like a plan," she said, turning away from her desk to gesture him out.

"Vicki... one more thing."

She turned back towards him, her back to the door as Derek approached her. "Look... about what happened at the conference in Michigan--"

Vicki held up her hand to stop him from continuing. "Nothing happened in Michigan." She couldn't believe it! He was referring to their kiss a month ago-- a drunken, heated moment right after they'd argued about something... she could barely remember. She'd wanted him so badly, but she'd had the good sense to tell him she wanted to be professional and this would never happen between them. She'd successfully avoided him... until now.

Derek shrugged. "I'll choose to remember it my way, then," he said, reaching past her for the doorknob, grazing her arm in the process. Vicki sucked in a breath, finding it difficult to resist reaching out to grab him.

"Wait!" Vicki said, surprising herself. Derek pulled away from the door. Then she reached out her hand, a gesture for him to shake it. He looked at her, then at her hand, then at her again. Vicki could feel her panties growing moist. Derek took Vicki's hand, squeezing firmly but gently.

"Truce," she said, not letting go.

Derek nodded, smiled. "Truce." He looked at her a moment too long, and Vicki was finding it difficult to breathe. Then he unclasped her hand, and she felt the lack of his warmth immediately, longing for it again.

"See you soon," Derek told her, opening the door, leaving her alone in her office. Vicki slumped in the guest chair and buried her face in her hands. What the hell was she going to do now?

Vicki left the office at three o'clock, ushering out her final visitor for the day, Eddie, one of the firm's graphic designers.

"I'll check those proofs by tomorrow, and let you know," Vicki said, shoving him out the door. She grabbed her laptop and bag, cramming the proofs in as safely and quickly as possible, then zoomed out the door to her house.

She could have opted for a public place, but that would draw suspicion the eve before a major corporate merger, since both she and Derek were fairly well known in the city. Maybe she was being paranoid, but she wanted to be on the safe side. And she didn't feel comfortable in Derek's place, knowing she'd find it harder to resist him if she was in his personal space.

As she drove home, a dozen miles over the speeding limit, she wondered how messy she'd left her living room. Would she have time to tidy up before his arrival, or even change out of her work clothes?

Then Vicki turned onto her street, and noticed something was amiss. A silver Porsche was parked in front, and Derek leaned against it. So not only was he horribly subtle, but he was also annoyingly an hour early. She pulled into her driveway and breathed deeply before stepping out of the car.

"You're early," she called out, grabbing her bags from the passenger side, then shut the door with her hip. Derek meandered closer to her as she beeped her car shut. He was freshly showered but still had a slight five o'clock shadow. He'd changed from his suit and tie to jeans and a black polo t-shirt, tight enough to reveal the muscles normally hidden by his more conservative clothes, but not too fitted to be accused that he was bragging about his physique.

"Figured we could get a head start," Derek responded with a casual shrug, hooking his fingers in the belt loops of his low-riders.

Vicki narrowed her eyes at him, but he looked back with an amused expression. She flashed back to the conference in Michigan. They'd ingested too many spirits, heatedly debated politics, then found themselves in an empty conference room in the middle of the night. He'd pinned her back up against the wall and pressed herself against her...

She shook aside the reverie and tried to quell the building ache between her thighs. "If we're going to be partners, I'm going to have to set some ground rules." She slid her key into the lock and let him into her private world.

"Like what?" he asked, setting down his laptop case.

"Like, give me a half hour after the office to unwind before invading my personal space."

Derek smiled. "Why don't you go unwind," he said, emphasizing the last word, "and let me get started here?" He gestured to her living room, which luckily wasn't as messy as she'd remembered. She wasn't sure she should unleash him in her house, but figured she had nothing he could use as blackmail.

"Fine, but then we go over those ground rules," she conceded. She left him to his devices and ran upstairs to shower and change herself, locking all the doors-- just in case Derek got any ideas. She wasn't certain how she'd react, but it was best to strike preemptively...

When she breezed back into her living room twenty minutes later, her hair falling damp and wavy down her shoulders, Vicki felt refreshed. She didn't need to satisfy her curiosity about Derek, after all. She was a grown-up. No longer did she need to succumb to her baser impulses to sate her pressing urges.

Derek glanced up from his laptop and stopped typing altogether when she entered the room. She couldn't read his expression, but she hoped her jeans with the hole in one knee, and a plain white t-shirt were both casual and indifferent. Showing him she didn't care what he thought, even though she most clearly did. This passing idea disturbed her, but she tried to push it away.

"So what were those other ground rules?" he asked, gazing at her approvingly as she seated herself on the other leg of the L-shaped couch, close enough to smell his clean, woodsy aroma.

"I'm sure they'll come up as time goes by," she said, reaching for her laptop and flipping it open. Derek leaned closer to peek over as she typed in her password, but she was too quick for him and elbowed him out of the way.

"The best defense is a good offense," she said in response to his unsaid objection, and he laughed, now half-lying, half-sitting down on the couch. Vicki's pulse raced, and she felt as unsure of herself as when they'd been at the conference. She was all too conscious of his proximity. She cleared her throat to startle herself back to reality.

"So what did Taylor Marketing do for their last campaign?" she asked, already knowing the answer. She turned back to her computer, pretending to ignore the burning look he gave her. "We should go over what worked, what didn't, and then figure out a new approach."

"Vicki, stop working for a minute," Derek said. "You can't run on adrenaline all day, every day."

She laughed wryly. "Right. You should take your own advice."

"I do. I'm only human." He glanced over to her, winking. "At least one of us is. I'm pretty sure you're a machine." They both laughed, and Vicki felt some of the tension between them dissipate. Maybe he wasn't that stubborn, or as ambitious to a fault as she'd believed him to be. But it was difficult enough to accept that Derek was both sexy and smart as hell...

He brushed her arm lightly and she felt all the small hairs rise up on the back of her neck. She turned towards him, unable to avoid his intense look.

"New rule: don't look at me like that," she said, shifting her eyes away.

"I can't abide. You're far too sexy."

She felt a flush rise to her cheeks. This was wholly unprofessional, to say the least. She was completely caught off guard by Derek's calmness.

"Are you blushing?" he asked teasingly, trying to turn her towards him, but she grabbed his wrist. "Definitely human," he said, his voice lower now, his face only inches from hers. Vicki tried to breathe but his scent was intoxicating and overwhelming.

"We should really get started," Vicki reiterated. She released her grasp on his arm and tried to slide away, but was rooted to the spot and unable to look away from him.

"Why so evasive?" he asked, now sitting up next to her, right beside her, so that she could feel the undeniable warmth of his thigh pressing up against hers, his breath warm against her cheek. His fingers grazed the sensitive nape of her neck.

"You have to leave," Vicki heard herself say suddenly, then bolted off the couch like she'd been electrocuted.

Derek simply stared at her, an mixture of regret and lust harboring in the depths of his cerulean eyes.

"If that's what you want," he said, standing up slowly. He stepped closer to her but she backed away, not trusting herself. She didn't want to cross the line between her personal and her professional lives. She should have known better than to allow the tantalizing Derek Walker to cross her threshold.

With one final, long glance, Derek turned and left, stepping out onto the doorstep. When the door closed behind him, Vicki tried to breathe, a torrent of thoughts competing for attention in her mind. Had she done the right thing? What would happen now to the lucrative account? Would Derek pursue it alone? How committed was he to making her life a living hell? Did he realize too that it was wrong for them to be involved when they worked for one of the most competitive firms in the city?

The doorbell rang, and Vicki shook herself out of her haze, peering through the peep hole. It was Derek again. Of course he wasn't ready to give up on her. She'd seen the way he'd looked at her.

Vicki opened the door slowly, but made no move to invite him inside this time. The pit of her belly clenched, and the heat rose up inside her, the same way she'd always felt as a result of Derek's proximity.

"I forgot my laptop," Derek told her, and Vicki was momentarily disappointed, having hoped he'd come back for her. Without speaking, she let him in to unplug and pack up his papers. A feeling of dread crept over her as she surveyed his lack of haste and the latent anger bubbling within him.

"You know, it wouldn't be the end of the world," Derek told her, looking up at her pointedly.

"Maybe not, but it could be the end of both of our careers," she pointed out stubbornly.

"It wouldn't be," Derek replied with confidence, but sounding slightly miffed. He approached her, his features darkening. "Someone would have to find out first. And I wouldn't let that happen."

Vicki snorted. "Why should I trust you? You have everything to gain from this situation."

"As do you, if you told Vincenzo or the other partners that I came onto you." Derek had set down his laptop again and stood directly in front of her. The short distance between them was the difference between Vicki's fantasy and the stark reality of their situation. His piercing blue eyes bored into hers. "I never told anyone what happened in Michigan," he added, reminding her of one more reason she should trust him, despite her biased judgment.

Was she moving closer, or was he? Vicki couldn't tell, but the longing stirred between her legs, unwilling to be ignored. She kept her eyes trained on his as his mouth closed over her lips. His hard body pressed up against hers as he took her in his arms, tearing away the last thread of her resolve.

He pushed her back against the wall, his tongue gently yet hungrily exploring her mouth. Vicki felt short of breath, consumed by his virile scent. Her body ached for his touch, her heart pounding against her rib cage. She felt his need pushing into her thigh as his mouth traveled down her neck.

"I've wanted you for so long," he confessed to her in a murmur, his words hot against her ear, his tender lips moving down to her collarbone. She couldn't respond, her breath catching in her throat as his teeth sank into her neck.

Vicki's blood boiled, her senses alight. Derek hoisted her up, letting her wrap her legs around his waist. His erection pushed into the front of her jeans, rubbing against her aching mound. A rush of impatience swept over her suddenly, her nails digging into his back as Derek took her lips captive again. She needed every single inch of his ripe flesh to cover hers, to brand her with his heat. She'd denied her impulses for too long, and now they surged.

She felt them physically moving now, Derek propelling her to what he imagined was her bedroom. She didn't care to correct him as he slowly inched towards her office and home boardroom on the opposite side of the house. Her legs tightened around his waist, gripping him closer to her.

With the intuitive knowledge that accompanies living in one's house, Vicki blindly flipped the switch as Derek crossed the threshold to her office. Her long boardroom table, where she usually worked on projects for hours upon hours.

"So this isn't your bedroom..." Derek began, trailing off as he looked about the room. "Fuck it," Derek said gruffly, then brushed a bunch of Vicki's papers and proofs off the rich mahogany table top with one arm. He sat her down on the edge and released her briefly, his dick still throbbing against the front V of her jeans, where it seemed that she had soaked through. Derek's mouth came down on hers again and she slipped her hands beneath the hem of his polo shirt to feel the sleek contours of his well-muscled torso and back.

Vicki purred low in her throat, her legs winding around him more tightly. Derek slipped his shirt off over his head, casting it aside. He lifted the hem of her shirt and she raised her arms to help him, then unclasped her bra letting her rounded breasts fall free, her small nipples already hard and firm.

With a groan, Derek leant down and brushed his impossibly soft lips over the sensitive buds of her pink nipples, the pleasure shooting through her solar plexus, making her ache all the more insufferable. She buried her fingers in his hair and tugged him closer, letting Derek lower her down onto the table. His blazing skin pressed against hers as he lightly nibbled on her nipples, cupping her breasts up to his mouth, one handful at a time.

Derek's lips trailed between her breasts, down her belly. He looked up at her as he dipped his tongue into her navel, making her squirm. He watched her, unfastening the buttons of her jeans, sliding them down over her shapely, tan legs, along with her black lace boy shorts. Vicki reached for him, the ache between her thighs pulsating incessantly, needing him, wanting none other.

With a wicked grin, Derek dropped his head down between her legs, his lips moving up the tender insides of her thighs. Vicki writhed beneath him, the sensations of his slight stubble and his silky lips teasing the hell out of her. She watched him lean between her legs, the entirety of her vulnerability visible to him, the secret pink flesh of her femininity glistening with her need. Vicki wanted him to penetrate her, but now she yielded to his touch, watching him stare up at her as he tasted her, grabbing her thighs and pulling them apart on either side of his face.

Vicki liquefied beneath his licks, her eyes rolling back with the pleasure of his touch. Derek teased her opening with his tongue, slowly slipping two digits inside of her. She tightened around his fingers as he pumped into her gently, his tongue teasing her swollen clit, peeking out from beneath its tiny hood. The heat intensified within her, and she felt herself start to tremble. Her impatience had reached its peak, and she needed him with an immediacy that scared her.

She roughly tugged him up her body by his hair, grabbing onto his back with her fingernails, kissing him deeply and tasting her sweetness on his tongue. He helped lift her until she sat up at the edge of the table, hurrying to undo his jeans, almost ripping them off with his fitted black boxer briefs. His cock sprung out at her, thick and hard and throbbing to her touch. She marveled over its smoothness and shape. Derek groaned as she squeezed him and guided him into her tightness, enveloping him within her heat. She gasped as he stretched her out, the slight pain exquisite, inviting him deeper until he was completely encompassed within her walls. Derek's eyes darkened as he pushed into her again and again, and Vicki tossed her head back, her hair grazing the tabletop behind her, her breasts bouncing lightly in response to his ardent thrusts.

He grabbed onto her hips, tethering her to him. It was all too much, his hard body pressing against hers, his cock thrusting deeply and filling her fully, her nipples brushing against his sleek skin with every movement. The building pressure was unrelenting, the fire rising up within her. She bit down hard on Derek's broad shoulder, groaning loudly, urging him to go faster, deeper, harder. Then everything went white as she came, her eyes squeezing shut, her body quivering around him. When her eyes fluttered open again, Derek gazed at her with primitive need apparent on his face, his hips pumping more slowly now, prolonging her climax. Vicki tried to catch her breath.

"I'm not done with you yet," Derek growled, an animalistic look in his eyes. He disengaged from her, slipping his soaked cock from out of her and stepping back.

"Turn around," he instructed brusquely. Vicki wasn't accustomed to being with a man so dominant, since she was usually the tigress in the bedroom. Then again, they weren't in her bedroom. She quickly moved off the table, turned around, spread her legs, and bent over at a 90 degree angle. Within seconds, Derek thrust himself into her completely, almost violently. She moaned, her nipples grazing the table top, Derek's fingers stroking her clit in front of her as he pumped his thickness into her. The sound of their flesh slapping together echoed throughout the room, his firm smacks to her ass only adding to their erotic soundtrack.

Vicki felt heady again. Derek's complete control of her body aroused her to no end, and she curved her back, arching her hips upwards to meet him at the perfect angle. Their moans came louder, and Vicki sank lower onto the table, lifting her knees onto the table and spreading her thighs without breaking their rhythm. Derek pounded into her, the sheer pleasure of his cock inside of her making Vicki almost lose consciousness again.

Derek's nimble fingers moved more quickly over her clit, using her own nectar as lubrication. She panted, her breathing erratic, her brain going to mush, her body tensing with her impending orgasm, clenching around Derek. He grabbed her hair with his other hand, making her arch her back all the more. She heard him suck in his breath, saw his vague reflection in the varnished finish of the table. The surprise visual of Derek's physical perfection as he pushed into her sent Vicki over the edge, contracting around him. Vicki couldn't control herself, her pleasure spilling over, quaking uncontrollably, her juices dripping all over Derek's cock and package more with each of his thrusts.

She felt the muscles in his thighs tighten too, and he grabbed her hair a bit tighter. Vicki slowly inched backward toward Derek on the table, dismounting slowly. He pulled out of her with one final grunt, and without thinking she dropped to her knees on the floor in front of him.

Vicki grabbed Derek's length with both hands, her cum easing the glide. She looked up at him, his blue eyes unbelievably dark now, his fingers winding in her hair, cautious not to push her head. She took him into her mouth, tasting herself again, sliding her hot tongue over his head and the pulsating smoothness of his shaft. She massaged him with her hands and tongue, tugging at his balls, reveling in how in control he made her feel, even on her knees.

Derek's legs began to give out on him, and she sucked faster, taking him as deeply as she could. A low groan rose up from within him, his eyes locked on hers as he grasped her more firmly. She tasted the sweet saltiness in her mouth and pulled away, jerking him off until Derek's copious cream spurted out of his cock and onto her breasts and chest. Vicki grinned, a surge of power coursing through her as Derek supported himself on the table.

"Wow," Derek breathed, bringing Vicki to her feet, smiling broadly at the mess he'd made on her chest. "Wow," he repeated, as though unable to find any other words to describe what had just happened.

Vicki smiled. "You stole the words right out of my mouth," she replied. Just then, her stomach grumbled loudly, making them both laugh.

"You worked through lunch, didn't you?" Derek asked with a raised eyebrow. Vicki nodded, grabbing his hand and pulling him along with her as she made her way out of the room.

"Where are you bringing me? I need to feed you," Derek asked as she tugged him with her.

"You already gave me a mouthful. So first, we shower. Then we'll take a look at some takeout menus." Vicki paused, a slow smile curling on her lips. "Unless the dessert already ruined your appetite..." She looked down at Derek, who was still erect.

Derek shook his head, grinning. "There's only one thing I'm hungry for," he began, pressing into Vicki from behind, his lips on her neck as she began to run the shower. Thoughts of their joint project slipped away. Clearly, she had bigger things to think about...

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