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Lexy Sylver: Welcome to my Playground

Top 10 Sexiest Things A Woman Can Say To A Man

Start off your Lexual weekend with my Top 10 list.

10. "Yes, they're real. Feel them for yourself if you don't believe me."

9. "Want to come up for some pizza and sex?"

8. "I have an oral fixation, and I just finished my last lollipop."

7. "How about some strip poker? Or we can just forget about the poker..."

6. "I love to watch porn! But I prefer to make my own..."

5. "I think doggy-style sex is a great way to watch the football game. You can even balance your beer on my back."

4. "You're so big, I feel like you're ripping me apart - mmmmm..."

3. "I've never been this wet for anyone before."

2. "I'll ask my roommate if she wants to join us...."

1. "You can put it anywhere."

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Have a Lexi weekend,

Lexi xxx

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