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Lexy Sylver: Welcome to my Playground

Screw U(niversity)

Dedicated to E.L.

Danielle shifted in her seat, trying to get comfortable as she absorbed Professor Davis's history lecture. It wasn't difficult for her, or anyone else in her class, to pay attention to Davis, since he was one of the youngest faculty members. He was also by far the most attractive and open-minded, making his classes both intellectual and contemporary. Registration for this class filled up within the first hour, with female students consisting of the overwhelming majority.

She watched the students around her gazing admiringly at Davis as he paced slowly around the front of the auditorium, making eye contact with almost every member of his audience as he launched on a heated diatribe about sixties politics. Danielle loved this particular era of history, which was why she had taken the class in the first place, unbeknownst to her that her professor would be so breathtakingly delicious that she would have to fight to control her urges for hours at a time, every week, for the rest of the semester. Thankfully, she had just handed in her midterm paper last class, meaning she only had to endure her sexual frustration for another six weeks.

"For next class, I want you to think about the ways in which mass media played a role in positively and negatively construing race and gender in the late sixties." Davis smiled. "Have a great weekend, everyone."

His students grudgingly packed up their belongings, reluctant to part ways with their beloved Professor for the weekend. Danielle saw that Jade and Lexi had called her while she was in class, no doubt trying to snag her company for the evening. Before returning their calls, she needed to talk to Davis, who was surrounded by a bunch of smitten female students.

Danielle waited her turn, taking the time to continue reading her novel, Kingdom of Fear. She was just finishing the chapter when she realized that she and Davis were the only ones left in the classroom, and her Professor was staring intently at her. She slammed the book shut, feeling slightly naked under his stare.

"You look so absorbed when you read," he told her with a smile.

"Yes, well, it's a great book," she replied, handing it to him. He looked down at the cover, nodding approvingly and giving it back to her.

"Hunter S. Thompson is a favorite of mine, too," he said, leaning against the podium. "He's raw, to the point, poetic without being highhanded about it."

She nodded, listening raptly to him, his deep yet melodic voice entrancing her. "His descriptions just make the characters and scenes come to life... they hijack the imagination."

He smiled at her and leaned against his desk, covered in papers and books, but made no gesture to arrange them or put them away.

"Did you have a question for me, Danielle?" he asked, her name unexpectedly slipping off his tongue like silk. She wondered how he knew her, since there were at least three hundred other people in her class.

"How do you know my name?" she inquired curiously.

Davis laughed, his smile crinkling the corners of his green eyes. "It is a bit unusual isn't it, considering we've never spoken face to face."

"Sort of, yes."

"I must confess, Danielle..." he hesitated, lowering his voice to a deep whisper, "I read your midterm paper. And I had to look up your school record to see for myself what such an insightful, intelligent young woman looked like."

Danielle raised an eyebrow, caught off guard by his words and his demeanor. This wasn't just praise from her Professor. He seemed genuinely intrigued by her.

"Thanks, Professor," she managed, feeling a light blush rush to her cheeks.

"No, thank you, Danielle. Now I have a candidate for the political debate against Lovey next month. That is, if you're interested."

She couldn't believe her ears. Being a candidate in that particular debate was such a highly coveted spot (with primo networking opportunities) that even some members of the Debate team didn't make it each year. She had known Davis was in charge of the club, but never thought such a great chance could be so easily placed in her hands.

"I'm flattered," she said, her voice trailing off.

"Don't be. It's well deserved," he responded.

Danielle was perturbed by the depth in his eyes and forced herself to look away. It wasn't every day she received such compliments from an unexpected source. Especially not her sexy young history teacher.

"Well, thank you anyway. I'm looking forward to it."

Davis smiled again. "You'll have a lot of preparing to do, and you'll need some coaching... you may want to meet with me after class on Monday to go over the topics."

His invitation made her stomach knot up with anticipation. "I'll be there," she promised, then took a few steps toward the door. "Bye, Professor," she said, rushing out of there before she could no longer control herself. She made it halfway across the quad before realizing she'd forgotten to ask her original question.

At their favorite campus bar that night with Roxie, Jade and Lexi, Danielle recounted the story. Lexi and Roxie were particularly thrilled for her.

"So let me get this straight. You write an A paper, get a position in the Lovey debate, hear how wonderful you are, and arrange to meet your hot teacher after hours for practice."

"Yeah, something like that," Danielle replied.

"Sounds promising," Roxie told her, winking.

"It's not like that," Danielle contested hotly, her cheeks burning inadvertently. "He's really devoted to teaching."

"Sure, sure," Jade reassured her, "we believe you."

"Let us know how "practice" goes," Roxie mused, and they burst into laughter.

Monday's class seemed to go on for hours, even though Danielle's comments about last week's lecture evolved into a full-fledged debate, with Davis playing Devil's Advocate. She had shown up especially early for class, stealing one of the last front-row seats. Every time she spoke, Davis leaned closer to her. At one point, his leg brushed against her knee and ignited her entire body. She kept crossing and uncrossing alternating legs for over two hours as the class-wide discussion went on, fuelled by Danielle's retorts and Davis's prodding. Finally, Davis said his parting words to his students and indicated that their time was up.

Danielle felt the gaze of hundreds of women burning into her as they descended the auditorium stairs to leave. It was as though she had a secret, although nothing had happened between them. She remained idle in her seat, waiting for Davis to finish answering questions. He glanced over her way a few times as though ensuring she hadn't left, smiling each time he caught her eye. Danielle was starting to think there was something to Lexi and Roxie's logic.

When the last of his students left, Danielle still didn't move.

"Those were some very provocative remarks, Danielle," he told her in a low voice, making her shiver suddenly.

"Thanks, Professor," she said.

"You're going to have to start calling me Davis," he warned her with false severity. He nodded his head toward her bag. "Take that, and let's go," he said.

"Where to?" she asked, guessing the Debate room.

"The best place to let the ideas flow," he responded, grabbing the papers off his desk. "My apartment."

Fifteen minutes later, Danielle was still wondering what she was doing with her teacher. They walked up the stairs to the third floor of the building, and she waited as he jingled his keys in the door. She tried to control her breathing. After all, she was doing what her female classmates could only dream of doing while in their beds at night. She couldn't believe she had agreed to come here so easily, without any resistance whatsoever.

"Go ahead," Davis said, holding the front door open for her. She stepped over the threshold and into a completely different world.

Each wall was lined with ceiling-high bookcases filled with leather-bound books. The last light of the day filtered in through the bay windows. A sheaf of papers and a large book rested on his lone window seat, a large leather armchair in the corner near the fireplace.

"Wow," Danielle breathed, taking in the scent of books and leather, trailing her eyes over the spines of the books in their shelves. She felt Davis's startling presence right next to her.

"There's much more," he said huskily, and she turned toward him. His eyes were dark green, and he watched her intently, his gaze brushing over her, down the line of buttons of her shirt. He seemed intoxicated by her, making her all the more aware of her own sensuality, a rarity.

"Why don't you go look around the place, while I get us something to drink?" he suggested, leaving her in the room.

Danielle padded down the hallway, the wooden floorboards creaking under her steps. Then she saw it-- his study, equally filled with books, except for the large, almost imposing wooden desk against the wall, looking like it belonged in the library rather than a residence. She brushed her fingers over the polished wood, and found her midterm paper at the very top of a stack. A copy of Kingdom of Fear by Hunter S. Thompson lay right next to it. When she opened the front cover, she saw it had been signed by the author himself.

"Find anything interesting?" Davis asked, appearing in the doorway with two glasses of red wine.

"So you met him," she said, more a statement than a question, waving the book at him.

Davis handed her a glass. "At a writer's conference a few years back. I finally found the copy and I thought you should have it."

"Really?" she asked skeptically, not knowing if she would ever give away a book signed by a writer, unsure if she should accept it.

"Don't forget to take it later," he warned her, smiling.

"Thank you, so much," she enthused, doubting she would forget.

"Cheers, to your success," Davis said, clinking his glass into hers.

Danielle took a healthy swig, hoping the wine would soothe her nerves at least slightly. She felt uncomfortably at ease among all the books, in her Professor's space, after hours. His gaze was becoming more and more intense, increasingly heated, frustrating her, making her stomach knot itself into a pretzel. She had respected his intellect from a distance, but had never been able to admire his well-toned physique or the masculine line of his jaw up close. She could feel his heat even though he stood a few inches away from her. She took several steps closer to the bookcase, checking out the titles, inhaling the welcome aroma of old books.

"Danielle," Davis said, somehow managing to sneak up on her. Her pulse raced, her mind trying to access a million different answers and excuses that would never come. She refused to turn toward him, knowing she would have no choice but to see the animalistic look in his eyes, so unlike the professionalism he exuded in the classroom. Instead, she felt his hot breath, his lips on her collarbone, her neck.

"You are such a fascinating woman, Danielle," he murmured in her ear, depositing the wine glass on a shelf. She took a deep swig of the red liquid, trying not to make it too obvious that she was completely unruffled by his nearness, his presence, his touch.

"You're my Professor," she managed, not really arguing with him, but stating his position in case he had, for whatever reason, forgotten his commitment to academics.

"I would love to teach you some things," he continued, his arm now encircling her waist, his other hand resting on her round hip. "If you'll let me."

Her heart threatened to break through her rib cage at the prospect of experiencing one of Davis's after-school lessons. She turned around slowly to face him, looking up at his bright eyes, his sensuous smile. He stepped closer to her, sandwiching her between the bookcase and his body, cupping the side of her face in his hand, and brushed her bottom lip with the pad of his thumb.

Danielle inhaled sharply, shocked by his touch. She looked up at him, his mouth looming right over hers, his hot breath caressing her lips.

"You are as gorgeous as you are intelligent," he told her, his mouth finally connecting with hers, burning her, dizzying her. His tongue was warm as it moved lightly against hers. Any thought of resistance was beyond futile, she thought to herself, breathing in his musk, tugging on his shirt to pull him closer to her. She felt his fingers graze her breasts, her nipples, the top button of her white shirt, unfastening it with one hand.

A flush crept over her, her heart beating faster, all of her senses focused all on him. He pulled away from her, staring into her eyes as he unbuttoned the rest of her shirt, opening each side, revealing the tops of her round breasts, bounded her white bra. Davis slowly traced his fingers over the lacy trim.

She removed her shirt, letting it fall to the floor. As he watched, she unhooked her bra and let the straps slip down her arms, revealing her considerable breasts. Davis's hands cupped them, running his thumbs over her nipples, sending a jolt throughout her core.

Danielle gasped at his touch, feeling his hardness pressing against her belly, making her legs part involuntarily, wanting him between them. She pushed up against his body, blindly undoing his shirt, trailing her fingertips over every new expanse of smooth flesh, pressing her naked breasts against his chest, her nipples rubbing up against him. He picked her up easily and set her down on top of his desk.

Davis brushed away the stray strands of her blond hair, then trailed his mouth over Danielle's chest, burying his face in her breasts, unzipping her pants. She grabbed his hair as he circled each of her hard nipples with his hot tongue, arching closer to meet his touch.

Danielle started to throb, feeling herself moistening, liquefying for him. He dragged her pants over her legs, smiling at her simple white cotton boy shorts. He smoothed his hands over her thighs, parting them, his fingers slipping into the seam of her panties, shocking her with their heat.

She grabbed him by the front of his pants, rubbing her hand over his pulsating bulge. He watched as she started to loosen the constraints of his pants, rubbing her clit with her own juices. Danielle moaned, hurrying to pull off his opened pants, hearing them fall lightly to the floor. He wore black boxer briefs, tight in all the right places. She wrapped her hand firmly around the base of him and tried to drag him closer, shifting to the very edge of his desk. Davis pulled back, sliding out his leather desk chair, and sat directly between her legs. He stripped her of her panties, pressing his mouth up the insides of her thighs, finally dipping his tongue into her opening.

He looked up at her, stroking her clit with his tongue, easing his forefingers inside of her. Danielle groaned, gripping the back of her professor's head, pulling him closer. Her nerve endings were afire, every sensation magnified a thousand times. The mere idea of the eroticism of her position-- on her professor's desk with her legs spread-- intensified her pleasure.

"Please, Professor," she heard herself say, "I need your help."

Davis groaned between her thighs, escalating his pressure, grasping her legs and throwing them over his shoulders, spreading her out more, sucking on her clit, plunging his fingers into her. Danielle supported herself against the wall behind the desk, weakened by Davis's experienced touch, hoping, waiting, aching to feel his thickness buried inside of her. She tried to pull back from him, struggling against the grip of his arms around her legs, and he finally released her, pulling back from between her legs, licking his lips and grinning.

She hopped off the desk, sensuously sweeping over to him and leaning down to pull off his boxers, watching his erection spring out, completely swollen, and much thicker than she'd expected. She encircled him with her hand, rubbing the head of his cock against her palm, and straddled him on the chair, her breasts directly in his face, her expectant opening hovering over his organ, rubbing him against her wet lips.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked, watching his slight torment as she pushed him slightly inside of her, pausing for his response.

Davis ran his hands over her ass, pulling her to him and pushing himself deeper into her in the process. She moaned, now completely pressed against him, rolling her hips lightly over his to preserve his depth, letting his tongue rove over her nipples again. She rode him in the his chair, rocking her body, letting him watch her breasts bounce up and down with her movements, moving to meet the rise and fall of his hips. His hands clutched her derrière, unwilling to let her go, as though wanting to keep her as close to him as possible.

Danielle felt the heat rise up within her, felt a force outside herself overtake her senses, her actions. She moved faster, her blonde head dropping back, arching her breasts nearer to his face, unable to control the ecstasy of the continuous friction on her clit. She came hard, digging her fingers into the back of his head, his shoulder, as a primeval scream erupted forth from her lips, convulsing uncontrollably on her professor.

He kept moving her hips back and forth to draw out the last of her throes, seeming pleased with the power of her sexual response to him. Danielle regained her breathing, feeling heady, her body limp. Still inside of her, Davis grabbed her, sliding out of the chair and lifting her again, seating her atop his desk. Danielle lay back, spreading her legs for him, watching his taut body as he thrust into her again and again, gripping on to her thighs for support. His eyes were wild, a reflection of hers as he plunged deeper, both of them groaning loudly. Then, without warning, he lifted her again, Danielle's thighs winding automatically around his waist, as he transported them back into the living room.

Davis set his prized student down on his leather armchair and finally pulled out of her, making her gasp with the loss of his warmth, his thickness.

"Come here," he told her roughly, taking her arm and moving her to the bookcase by the window, stepping behind her. She was again overwhelmed by the scent of old books, inhaling deeply as she hung on to the sides of the bookcase. His hot mouth brushed her ear, sending shivers down her spine, and his lips pressed against her neck. She felt his large hands tracing the hourglass shape of her waist, her hips, her thighs, heard him sigh from behind her. His thickness probed between her legs, and she spread her thighs further apart for him, leaning closer to the leather-bound books.

She gasped when Davis pushed the length of himself into her again, one arm snaked around her waist to hold her still, the fingers of his other hand rubbing her clit, his mouth pressed into her neck. Danielle moaned with the pleasure of it, each of his thrusts deliberately rubbing against her G-spot, the dual stimulation making her feel weak again. She heard the delightful sound of his skin slapping against her ass as he plunged deeper, harder, faster, and she clenched the bookcase for leverage, her knuckles turning white.

Davis's breathing came in uneven bursts and so did hers, feeling the heat rise again, bubbling up from the pit of her belly, diffusing throughout her solar plexus. He read her body perfectly, thrusting upward to all the right spots, almost lifting her off the ground with the power of his hips, his fingers still working her clit. Her head snapped back, her exposed neck covered at once with Davis's lips, his teeth biting into her sensitive flesh. Danielle finally succumbed to the intensity of her bliss, moaning uncontrollably, the explosion spreading throughout her body, trembling in his arms, his organ still moving within her as she gripped him inside of her.

"Oh, Danielle, I can't wait any longer," her professor moaned, sliding out of her. She turned to face him, knowing exactly what he wanted, bending on her knees in front of him and taking his hard dick between her pouty lips, staring up at him with innocent blue eyes. She tasted herself on him, using her own juices to lubricate his shaft as she pumped her hand and mouth on him in synchrony, her other hand feeling his balls tighten closer to his body. She worked her tongue in circles, still watching him as he threw his head backward, emitting a drawn-out moan. She withdrew her mouth as he stared back down at her, firmly tugging on the head of him until he exploded over her breasts, the creamy beads of his come dripping down her cleavage. She stroked him until he was completely emptied, covered in his warmth, making her feel especially triumphant.

He helped her to her feet and covered her mouth with his, giving her a long, lingering, disorienting kiss.

"We need to get you cleaned up," he murmured teasingly, grinning like a schoolboy at the sight of his milky fluids over her large breasts.

"We could use a bath," Danielle replied, winking, pushing him into the hallway towards the bathroom. "Go get the wine, Professor. We have a long night ahead of us."

Read more tantalizing tales from Screw U(niversity), coming soon.


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