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Any Vixen Sunday: Morgan's First Taste

Any Vixen Sunday: Morgan's First Taste

Ah, Sundays... my only day of rest. I've just been to an early brunch with Jack, hashing out our predictions for the Giants/Eagles football game tonight. I love watching divisional rivals battle for glory on the field, brutally attempting to crush each other's bones to vie for the coveted brown ball. The adrenaline, the way it stimulates me, overwhelming my attention... football is one of the ultimate aphrodisiacs for me.

I part ways with Jack, promising to make it back to his place in time for the afternoon game between the Colts and Patriots, hurrying to pick up my dry cleaning and some groceries before the game. The supermarket is packed, and it is all I can do to avoid ramming into the dazed little old white-haired ladies slowly pushing their carts and squinting up close at each and every label on the shelves. I finally squirm my way to the beer fridge and retract a cold case of Heineken, wedging it onto the bottom shelf of the grocery cart, when someone shoves into me from behind.

I reel on impulse, my first instinct kicking in, the ire and frustration at their breaking point. Turning on my heel, I glower at the perpetrator of my personal space... and stop myself from lashing out. In front of me stands a stunning brunette, wearing white shorts and a turquoise tank top.

"Morgan?" the blue-eyed apparition inquires, smiling.

The fog clears in my brain and I realize it's Naomi, my next door neighbor from back home, whom I haven't seen in almost five years. I can't believe I don't recognize her immediately, since we did grow up together. The last time I saw her was the night before I left for college. We were up on her roof outside her bedroom window, looking up at the stars and sharing some whiskey we'd pilfered from her brother's secret stash. Emboldened by alcohol, I'd kissed her, trying to satisfy the burning curiosity of what it would be like to feel another girl's lips on mine-- a beautiful girl, at that. She'd kissed me back, and we felt each other up a little bit, before her brother barged into her room and poked his head out the window. I can't remember his exact words, but he was pretty shocked, and broke up the magic of the moment. I left the next day. We kept in touch for awhile, but I was halfway across the country for school, and our friendship couldn't weather it.

"Naomi!" I exclaim, smiling, taking her into my arms and kissing her cheek. "You look great! What are you doing in New York?"

"Well... I got accepted for a doctorate program in psychology at NYU. I moved in just last week, actually," she says excitedly.

"That's amazing! You always wanted to deal with everyone else's issues," I joke, "why not get paid for it, right?"

"Exactly!" she laughs, her eyes gleaming. "You know, I always wondered what you were up to. I spoke to your mom a few weeks ago about you and she told me I should give you a call when I got here. I never got around to it, with the moving and all, but now that you're here, we should go out for drinks soon, and catch up."

I find myself nodding and smiling wide . "Sure," I agree, my curiosity piqued. I give her my phone number, and she promises to call me tomorrow afternoon to decide where to go for the night.

She gives me a quick kiss close to my mouth and leaves, turning back once to shoot me a smile before she disappears into the next aisle.

I stand there, slightly awed by her beauty, then glance at my watch. "Shit!" I exclaim, startling myself and a teenage boy walking by, almost dropping his frozen pizzas. I have to get back to my apartment soon or I will never have a chance to shower before heading to Jack's for football.

The bored-looking cashier doesn't say a word to me, even when I say hi to be polite. He looks me up and down lewdly, his gaze halting on my small breasts, which today are without bra, slightly obvious with the intense air conditioning in the store. My hard nipples strain against my old Giants shirt-- long shrunken and revealing a bit of my torso. I pretend not to notice his stare and the twinkle in his eye while he starts passing the codes on my food over the scanner.

"Eighty-five fifty," he says with a lascivious smile. I pass him my credit card and ignore him again until he thrusts a pen in my direction to sign the receipt.

I almost run out of there to avoid prolonging the awkwardness. Overloaded with groceries and balancing a case of beer precariously on my shoulder, I try to get into the cab that stops like magic right in front of me on the sidewalk. This never happens, I think, piling into the backseat with my groceries and giving the cabbie my address. Maybe it's my lucky day.

As I try to edge my way into the front doors of my apartment building with the mother lode of plastic-covered clothes, food and the beer, I manage to smash both of my elbows into each side of the doorway. So much for luck, I think, cursing freely. I process my keycard and open the door with my pinky finger-- way stronger than people give credit for. The elevator ships me up to my floor and I trudge down the hall. It takes three attempts before I can get my key in the lock, stubbornly refusing to put anything down. I press down on the knob and almost stumble over the threshold, gently unloading my cumbersome bundles on the floor, and I sigh with relief. I kick aside a pair of Denise's shoes, marveling that my spic-and-span roommate actually left something out of place.

First things first, I think, before my shower, I need a nice, cold beverage. I take two steps toward the kitchen before I hear the sounds.

I pause, trying to decipher what it is. A whimper? Where is it coming from? There it is again! It becomes clear-- it's a moan, and it's female, coming from the kitchen...

Dying of curiosity, I quietly advance to the open kitchen area and peek around the wall. And lose my composure, going slack-jawed.

I spy our kitchen table. On it, Denise's sits with her back to me, her long black hair flowing loose between her shoulders. Her knees are bent, with her feet propped up at the edge. That's all I see... until I realize Carter, Denise's current man, is kneeling on the floor in front of her, his erection sprung to life-- and what a life.

I am mesmerized by the scene and can't bring myself to leave them to their own devices. Instead I am rooted on the spot, unnoticed by both of them, listening to Denise's luxurious moans, watching her companion's dick stiffen more and more as he pleasures her with his mouth. Denise leans farther back, her head rolling back, and I can finally see her face, eyes closed, ruby lips parted, and the tops of her creamy breasts.

I watch her bite her lip, her body tensing, and she opens her eyes and looks right at me. My stomach knots up, the tension between my legs heightening, still unable to move, entranced by her sensuous gaze, inviting me. And then Carter stands up slowly, watching me. There is silence, and I have no idea what to do.

As though compelled by an invisible force, I step towards them, into the kitchen, feeling the air warm up noticeably and unexpectedly. Denise reaches out and takes my hand, pulling me closer to the table. I stare longingly at her beautiful body, silky skin and hourglass shape, see drops of her pink nether lips glisten between her toned thighs. Carter watches me hungrily, idle. I'm still somewhat in shock by this sudden opportunity-- not just to spread apart my gorgeous roommate on our kitchen table, but to be able to feel Carter's smooth, sexy chocolate skin and every inch of his raging hard-on.

I nod.

Denise smiles, turning her body to me and edging closer on the table. I stretch out a hand tentatively and cradle the back of her head, as she covers my mouth with hers. The smoothness of her lips startles me. She feels, tastes different from Naomi, and with her there is no hesitation as her tongue slips between my lips, soft in my mouth, rubbing softly against mine, her hands stroking up to the sides of my breasts. Carter comes up behind me, his erection pressing against my lower back, sliding his hands over my hips and the slope of my ass, pushing aside the hair from my nape and trailing his full lips over my collarbone and neck. I shudder with delight, each of their touches distinctive, both sensations completely different.

Carter lifts up the hem of my shirt, bringing it up slowly over my head, my small breasts now completely bare. I lock eyes with Denise, her soft fingertips tracing the outlines of my hardened, pink nipples, and she keeps her gaze on me, lowering her mouth to my breasts. I feel Carter unbuttoning my jeans, unzipping slowly, his large hands bringing down my pants over my long legs.

I feel the hot imprint of Carter's bare cock as he presses me against him, and Denise edges closer to the end of the table, her legs spread, her mouth still on my breasts. Her hands slips up the insides of my thighs, watching me, her hot breath on my nipples, as the anticipation twists my solar plexus, my breath catching. My eyes on hers, she slips her fingers lightly between my legs, feeling my wet desire for her, caressing my clit slowly, evoking my soft moans.

My body is sandwiched between their naked bodies, soft and hard at the same time, Carter's mouth on my neck, his dark hands contrasting beautifully with Denise's soft alabaster thighs as he spreads them further apart. Her moisture is visible, entrancing, making me even more curious as to how she'd taste and feel. Tentatively, I reach out and touch her round breasts, cupping my hands around the sides of them, lightly brushing my thumbs over her nipples. I'm a neophyte, not knowing what she'll want me to do, touching her the same gentle way she is caressing me, and the more her fingers slide over my clit, the more brazen I feel, wanting to make her feel as good as I do now. She smiles encouragingly, and Carter squeezes one my breasts lightly, pinching my nipples between his fingertips. I can feel his other arm behind me, rubbing his cock over the soft skin of my ass.

Denise's lips meet mine again, her fingers stroking, probing, knowing just what feels best, communicating with her only via moans. Her free hand places my open palm on her thigh, covering my hand with hers, sliding it up from her knee, slowly, until I can feel the heat of her core over my skin. She goes no further, bidding me to continue on my own. I can't help but reach closer, my fingertips turned to her body, and for the first time touch the silky opening of a woman. I hear Denise purr low in her throat, the sound echoing in my own.

Carter grasps my waist, pulling me beside Denise on the table, standing in front of us. I turn my head, at eye level with my roommate, and I start kissing her soft lips again, still overwhelmed by the tender, sweet and sensuous way we are touching each other, our hands still between busy experimenting, seeking. Denise's other hand grasps firmly onto Carter's massive erection, rubbing her hand up and down on him, squeezing, making a few drops of his precum visible. I don't try to fight the urge to feel his thickness, so I reach out too, my hand covering his head, stroking, with Denise's hand beneath mine on Carter's shaft. His flesh is hot, throbbing, and I grip him like I mean it, and he groans, his hands squeezing each of our inner thighs. Denise's lips brush my neck, my throat, working down to my breasts again.

She gently lays me down on the table, coming up on her knees and placing one of her legs between mine, lowering herself so that I can feel the inferno that is her sex burning into my thigh, her tongue encircling my nipples again, her fingers starting to slide in and out of me, caressing my clit with the pad of her thumb at the same time. Over Denise's shoulder, I see Carter stroking his cock and stepping closer to Denise's ass, which is upraised in midair-- undoubtedly a stunning sight.

She slides off the table, off me, leaving only the trace of her wetness on my thigh, looping her arms around my thighs and dragging me just a bit closer to the edge of the table. She bends her body over at the waist, leaving her ass to Carter to savor as he pleases. She looks up at me, her thick black lashes framing the playful look in her eyes as she lowers her head down between my legs. The first stroke of her tongue, as she makes contact with my throbbing clit, sends an uncontrollable tremor through my body, my eyes fluttering shut.

Carter and I have the best seats in the house-- I watch Denise as her tongue slides inside me, her fingers stroking my clit, rubbing gently in circles, while Carter pushes his thick cock inside of Denise from behind, gripping her hips tightly. I catch Carter's eye, sharing a long, lusty look until I peek back at Denise while she has her way with me, slipping two of her fingers inside of me again and again, her lips taking my clit captive, licking and sucking on it, still gentle as can be.

I alternately run my fingers through her hair and rub my own breasts, pinching the nipples. Carter moves faster, plunging the length of himself deeper into Denise, his hips slapping against her ass. The vibrations on my wet slit from Denise's continuous moans are rapidly mounting my pleasure. My breathing quickens, my heart thumping against my rib cage, Denise's mouth speed increasing, in sync with Carter's.

The connectedness of our mutual pleasure overcomes me. I feel the fire spreading throughout my loins, unable to control my moans. I cry out, my body tensing before I lose control and explode, dissolving into small spasms, watching Denise lapping up my juices. Her lips curl into a smile, until she starts moaning anew with Carter thrusting harder, making that nice slapping sound I love. Attempting to recover slightly from the most powerful orgasm of my life, I know I want nothing more than to return the favor.

They are both watching me, Denise's hand gripping my knee, Carter's pace slowing. He gives Denise's ass a quick slap, and she moans while he pulls his dick out of her, covered in her juices. I lick my lips, looking at Denise, who has turned toward him. I slip off the table and kneel on the kitchen floor in front of Carter. Denise watches us, my mouth slipping over the head of his engorged dick, my tongue teasing around him, tasting every sweet drop of Denise I can, feeling the smooth flesh of his manhood slide toward the back of my throat, hot from the combination of his own desire and Denise's burning depths.

Denise comes up beside Carter, her hand slipping over his balls, tugging and squeezing them, sucking on his lower lip as I moving my mouth back and forth over him. Growling now, Carter's fingers delve into my hair, pulling it as my intensity increases. I feel my need arise anew, aching to have Carter's solid organ inside of me, and thirsting for Denise's cream on my tongue.

I take him as deeply as I can in the back of my throat, hearing him gasp, then slowly pull back. Getting to my feet, I hop up on the table, my thighs spread apart. I grab Carter by the cock and propel him nearer to me, also pulling Denise closer. She fondles my breasts lovingly, tracing my lips with her tongue. I feel Carter guiding the thick head of his dick into my tight pussy, and finally penetrates me. Denise silences my moans, kissing me while slowly easing herself onto the table until she is positioned with her delicious snatch hovering right over my mouth.

Carter pumps, and Denise eases herself over my lips. I grab her firm butt, spreading apart the cheeks slightly, moving her legs farther apart to grant me full access. Her scent is beautiful, clouding my thoughts, amplifying my excitement. Slowly, I dip my tongue into her, dragging my tongue over her small, pink lips, sucking gently on her clit. She gasps, and I feel her two small fingers start to rub my own hot spot, leaning over me, as Carter rocks his hips languidly, the friction driving me insane.

I push my two forefingers inside of her, thrusting lightly, using the softer underside of my tongue to stroke her clit. I feel her muscles relax as she starts to melt, and know I have found the right spot. She keeps caressing me, and I groan into her dripping opening, making her moan too.

I am in bliss, consumed by pleasure from every end, immersed in evoking the same intoxication from Denise as she elicited from me, and parting my legs further for Carter, even though I already feel split apart by his pulsing member. I swirl my tongue around and over Denise's clit, my fingers working their magic inside of her, slipping them out a few times to thrust my tongue inside of her and get the best, hottest taste.

Denise's body tenses up and I go just a bit faster, eager for my first chance to feel a woman quivering on my lips, pleasured by my own mouth, relishing her juices on my tongue. Sensing her impending climax, Carter picks up his pace too, moving faster in and out of me, Denise's nimble fingers manipulating my clit in rhythm with his thrusts. My body temperature flares up and my walls tighten around him, clenching, begging for release.

She comes first, wave after wave of her orgasm shaking her body as I grip onto her ass with one hand to try to steady her, teasing out her shudders with my tongue, hearing her loud cries of bliss. As the first droplets of her cum drip into my mouth, I moan into Denise, feeling myself start to quake, tensing completely around Carter as he drives into me, deeper, harder, faster. Carter grunts, thrusts one last time and pulls out of me, using my juices to lubricate him as he starts jerking his dick. He comes, sounding strangled, his whitish fluids spurting out of him, splashing onto Denise's breasts, some of it dripping off of her onto my breasts too.

A few moments pass as we regain our breathing, but I am still shaking the cloudy haze of hedonistic ecstasy from my thoughts. Denise slowly moves off of me, smiling, and Carter helps lift me up off my back. We stand together, grinning like deranged chimpanzees, Carter's cum glistening on Denise's chest and sliding slowly down the center of my belly. There are still no thoughts or words forming in my mind. I stand in suspended disbelief.

Denise wraps her arms around my waist, kissing me, tasting herself on my tongue. Her soft touch arouses me again, but this time she pulls away, licking her lips. Carter's full mouth covers my lips briefly, then he grabs my ass one last time before walking off to the bathroom in Denise's room to wash up. I meet Denise's eyes. We don't speak, but I understand. Our living situation just got a lot more interesting...


Any Vixen Sunday: Morgan's First Taste was originally published and copyrighted June 17, 2009 by Lexi Sylver. All Rights Reserved.

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